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90 Day Fiancé’s Karine Reveals Why She Couldn’t Help Search For Missing Paul

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Karine Martins reveals why she’s helpless in the search for missing Paul Staehle when it comes to involving the police.

90 Day Fiancé star Karine Martins is revealing why she doesn’t have an answer yet to questions about Paul Staehle going missing. Karine, a 27-year-old Brazilian woman is best known for being a cast member in the 90DF franchise. Karine married Kentucky man Paul, 41, in 2017 before moving to the U.S. herself in 2020 on a CR-1 visa. Karine and Paul’s marriage has been rocky. In 2020, they had a blowout fight where both filed restraining orders against each other. In 2021, they split again. But got back together in early 2023 because they wanted to fight for the custody of their kids.

It’s unknown why Paul went to Brazil in July 2023, but Karine reported he was missing via her Instagram stories on 31 August 2023. Karine asked fans to send prayers and a cryptic dedication video to Paul implying that he was dead. However, on 2 September 2023, Karine had news to share about Paul in a new statement she wrote in Portuguese. When translated, it reads, “Guys, I know that a lot of people are sending me messages to know about Paul, but I really don’t have an answer.” Karine claimed that both she and Paul’s mother Mary are worried. When Paul’s mother tried to call the police in Brazil, she was unsuccessful because they didn’t talk in English. “And I wasn’t with her when she called,” Karine added.

Why Had Paul & Karine Split In December 2021?

90 Day Fiancé Stars Paul and Karine Staehle montage

Karine mentioned that Mary was trying to get in touch with the Embassy. She was hoping to do so on Monday. “Jaciane, Paul’s friend, told Paul’s mother that no one can report it, only someone from his family,” Karine explained. The Tonantins native previously spoke about Paul’s rumored girlfriend Izabele Medeiros leading the search in Brazil. As per Mary, Izabele was one of the women that Paul had asked her to contact when he last messaged her before disappearing. Karine has sent mixed messages on her own Instagram in the meantime. She also suggested she was pregnant again by posting pictures of her with a baby bump.

A 10-second video clip that showed Karine allegedly attacking Paul surfaced online in December 2021. Their eldest son Pierre was present in the same room as them during the incident. Paul and Karine confirmed the split by removing each other’s pictures from their Instagram pages. Karine again filed a restraining order against Paul in the same month accusing him of being violent. But she dropped it in February 2023. In November 2022, Paul wished Karine on their five-year anniversary. By then, Karine had started dating The Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter, but the couple broke up in a few weeks. Karine was back with Paul in April 2023. She apparently begged for him to return.

Paul had texted his mom about being lost in Brazil. He needed help because he had messed up something. Paul did not reveal what happened to him. He has still shared his location with his mom which his friends in Brazil are now trying to access by boat. They would be visiting the place that he rented when he came to Brazil and the hotels he used to frequent. Paul’s mother is very worried, especially thanks to the alarming texts he sent her on DM. Paul’s phone has been unreachable since then. Considering the police can’t start investigating the matter because of what 90 Day Fiancé star Karine claims, perhaps seeing help from the Embassy is what will help the family reach Paul eventually.

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