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90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk Announces Rough Phase With New Wife 1-Month After Wedding! Got Scammed?

Mike and Ximena were rather problematic when they appeared on 90 Day Fiance. They did the Before The 90 Days spin-off, and their storyline was full of awkwardness and no chemistry. He would pay for everything his future wife wanted while she put up with his unhygienic habits. At last, after going through lots of turmoil, they called off their engagement within a year.

Since then, Mike had been below the radar. Until 2023, when he announced his engagement to a mystery woman. Fans later found out she, too, is from Colombia, like Ximena and her name is Tatiana. The former also announced that they tied the knot a month ago. However, in a new post, Mike hinted that they were already going through marital issues. Is his new wife also using him?

90 Day Fiance: Mike Hints He Is Facing Issues With New Wife! Will She Leave Him Too?

It’s been a while since Mike Berk appeared on TV. He first came off as an innocent man, and fans thought his ex, Ximena, was using him. Later, they were in shock after finding out he met his partner on a webcam site and urged her to be with him in return for a luxurious life. He also attempted to throw her out of her apartment as he was paying for it.

Long story short, their relationship on 90 Day Fiance blew apart, and they parted ways. But in 2023, Mike shared pictures with a blonde mystery woman saying he was engaged. Everyone was curious about her identity, but he managed to keep it under wraps. But when the right time came, he revealed they got married and shared pictures from their ceremony.

But in a new comment, Mike revealed something upsetting. He mentioned how his wife had “blocked him” on Instagram as well as Tiktok. 90 Day Fiance fans began were surprised how such a thing happened just a month after their wedding. They began to speculate if Tatiana was also using him, but there was still quite a lot of confusion about his matter, as Mike immediately deleted his comment.

90 Day Fiance: Mike Claims He Was Hacked! Didn’t Post About Marital Troubles

As Mike shared the comment about his wife blocking him on social media, he immediately deleted it. Before that, many fans and fan pages had taken a screenshot of it and began sharing it on social media. But the 90 Day Fiance star started to defend himself by saying that someone “hacked” his account, and he didn’t post that comment.

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90 Day Fiance

Berk immediately began accusing the fan pages of posting clickbait material. He revealed that he got a notification about a login from a different country that posted the comment. But the audience isn’t buying this. They believe Mike is merely trying to do damage control by lies after airing his dirty laundry for everyone to see, and it backfired.

Some fans began to troll Mike by saying it was his hideous attempt to stay in the limelight or maybe get a chance to be back on 90 Day Fiance.

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